Adamas One Announces Plans to Increase Presence in Semiconductor Sector

Company appoints Mr. Peter Cohen Vice President, Business Development

Mr. Cohen will work directly with COO Gerald McGuire on increasing utilization of Lab-Grown Diamonds in semiconductor production

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Aug. 04, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Adamas One Corp. (Nasdaq: JEWL) (“Adamas One,” “Adamas” or the “Company”), The Original Lab-Grown Diamond Company™, a high-tech company that leverages proprietary technology to produce high-quality, single-crystal, Lab-Grown Diamonds for jewelry and diamond materials for industrial and technology uses, today announced its plans to increase its presence in the semiconductor sector and the appointment of Peter Cohen as Vice President, Business Development. Mr. Cohen will initially concentrate on the utilization of Lab-Grown Diamonds in the production of semiconductors in the industrial and technology sectors. He will report to Chief Operating Officer Gerald McGuire, who has extensive experience in the semiconductor field.

According to the National Institutes of Health, “among wide bandgap semiconductors, diamond is considered to be the ultimate semiconductor for applications in high-power electronics due to its exceptional properties. Its dielectric breakdown strength is three times higher than in silicon carbide and more than 30 times higher than in silicon.”1 The NIH further references great concern about the conflict between energy and the environment with the focus on lowering greenhouse gas emissions. An important issue facing the semiconductor sector (which is expected to be a $1 trillion sector by 2030) is lowering power consumption. Wide bandgap semiconductors in power electronics represent significant potential energy savings for power-consuming devices from electric vehicles to medical devices, to wireless communications and more. The industry has determined that diamonds offer superlative properties for high-speed, high-power components.

“Lab-Grown Diamonds’ thermal conductivity and durability make them ideal for use in semiconductor devices. We believe our patented technology provides us with a significant opportunity to address the increasing demands of the semiconductor sector,” Adamas One CEO Jay Grdina stated. “We are excited to welcome Peter to our team, where he will work with Jerry to solidify our presence in the semiconductor space and then help identify more consumer-oriented opportunities with our soon-to-be-launched Elle Jolie luxury jewelry line. Having worked closely with him in multiple capacities for over a decade, I am confident Peter has the significant reach, especially across the media and entertainment landscape, that will help Adamas One substantially expand awareness and market penetration.”

Mr. Cohen and Mr. McGuire will leverage their respective knowledge to build momentum in both the semiconductor and fine jewelry markets. Previously, Mr. McGuire served as the Vice President and GM of the DSP business at Analog Devices and the Senior VP responsible for the Low Voltage and Mid-Power Analog Business at Fairchild Semiconductor, now part of ON Semiconductor.

Mr. Cohen has more than 20 years as a senior media and entertainment executive. He has extensive management experience in content development and production, digital platform solutions, and the strategic application of transformational new media technologies. Mr. Cohen previously served in senior positions at multiple media and content organizations, including Dancestar Ventures, Anthem Sports & Entertainment Corp., HBO, CNN International, AMC Networks, ACTV, The Box/MTV2, Fashion TV, and Billboard Live. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in human ecology from College of the Atlantic, Bar Harbor and completed post-graduate work in cetology and behavioral psychology at Boston University.

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