Industrial Applications

Because diamonds have the highest hardness and thermal conductivity of any substance on earth, they are ideal for industrial applications. Lab-grown single-crystal diamonds are preferred over mined diamonds in industry, because they are the only stones that can deliver the consistency, quality and repeatability required by precision industrial applications.

Not every diamond has the clarity, color, shape or size suitable for fine jewelry, but are highly valued for industrial use. All diamonds have extraordinary physical qualities that come from the strong chemical bond between their atoms. It is these chemical, electrical, thermal and optical properties that make diamonds, and especially lab-grown diamonds, uniquely suited for your industrial applications.

Ultra-precision Machine Tools

Diamond-tipped drill bits and saws can cut through any material, including other diamonds. They are used to produce optical lenses, mold inserts, mirrors, mechanical components and for mental machining, such as cutting sheet metal for auto bodies or computers

Abrasive Grinding and Polishing Grit

Abrasive grinding paper and wheels are used to shape super alloys (high nickel and cobalt alloys, titanium alloys), for close tolerance machining of ceramic parts or polishing silicon wafers and computer disk drives.

Ocular Scalpel Blades

Ocular scalpel blades are used in laser scalpels for medical research and eye surgery to make microincisions in the cornea to restore improved vision.

Optical Transmission Windows & Lenses

Optical windows use diamonds because they provide high transparency for ultra violet to near infrared light, to make high powered lasers and in fiber optics and spacecraft.